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Welcome to Billy Bob's BBQ

Billy Bob's BBQ is a delicious mobile BBQ caterer based out of Piqua, OH. Our team delivers quality home cooking right to your doorstep with added on-site cooking to provide you with extra freshness and flare.

For a smaller crowd try our BBQ Sandwich Plate served with your choice of two sides for only $7.99 per person.

To please a crowd try our 3-Meat BBQ Plate served with your choice of three types of meat (does not include ribs), two sides and dinner rolls with butter for only $14.99 per person.

We can even bring you a full-hog roast served with two sides and dinner rolls for as little as $11.99 per person!

No matter what the occasion or the size of your group Billy Bob's BBQ is ready to serve you. With the help of our exclusive party rental collection, we'll provide you with all the tents, tables and dishware you need to make it a success.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on your event and to schedule your free complimentary tasting today!


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